Monday, 27 August 2012

Bank holiday Monday, August 27 2012

I just want to let our international customers aware of Monday 27 August 2012 being a bank holiday in UK. This means that there is no postal service. We are working as normal, but all orders processed during this weekend, will be sent out Tuesday morning 28 August, 2012.

My Little Corner facebook page

I thought I'd write a post because I think many of you will wonder what happened to our facebook page.

We have decided, after much consideration, to close the My Little Corner facebook page.

Why, in this day and age, would we do such a thing? Well, there are several reasons, and here are a few of them:

We are a small family company, which means that it is only a few of our family members (part from the occasional hired resource, who works for us). This means, that we have very few resources. The same few resources deal with, to name a few: placing orders for future stock, marketing the store, web development, order processing, stock taking, technical hosting, customer service, this blog and up until now facebook.

Today, when you choose to shop online, there are a lot of companies available to choose from. If you are a regular customer out on the high street, you can tell the difference if you step into a big apartment store with many shop attendants at your service to a small family run boutique. Today, when shopping online, that might not always be evident and most online customers exptect an online store to have certain resources available if a service is offered.

When you shop in a regular store, department store or small boutique, you don't expect them to be open 24hours a day, but once again, when shopping online, the limits to what you expect from a store is pushed. Some large stores with lots of resources are able to keep a 24h customer service, or a chat where you can get your queries served immediately most hours of the day.

We have realized that by having a facebook page, we give customer the impression that we are a large company with lots of resources and we simply don't have staff available to give our facebook fans the service they expect, given that we don't have resources explicitly available to do this on a full time basis.

We are still happy to receive your comments here on the blog and via email:  (we might not be available at all hours to respond to your email, but we aim to give you a response at the end of the day.) 

We will also develop this blog to be the place to go for information about our store and our children's wear.

Monday, 13 August 2012

Småfolk Autumn 2012 available for pre-order!

We now have the Småfolk Autumn collection available for pre-order.
It has never been easier. You just buy the items that you wish to receive and we send them out to you (for free if you live within Europe) as soon as we receive them in stock.

Do you want to see some girls tops?
available in size 1-2y up to 7-8y
Was £19.95
småfolk lyserød stripet bluse fra Småfolk efterår 2012

available in size 1-2y up to 7-8y

småfolk efterår 2012 hvid bluse fra Småfolk med bambi

available in size 1-2y up to 7-8y

småfolk efterår 2012 hvid bluse fra Småfolk efterår 2012 med lyserød og lilla aebler

Pink big apple top by Småfolk autumn 2012

To view our full Småfolk collection, click here.

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

25% off Molo Spring / Summer 2012

We currently have an offer of 25% off selected Molo items from our Spring / Summer 2012 range!
With their graphic prints they are sure to give your children the pop of colour to get you into the summer mood!

Pretty Kitten print baby dress.

A pick and mix collection for baby girls:

Molo Kanin och rosor klänning sommar 2012Molo Kanin och rosor baby skor sommar 2012
Molo Planet Earth baby skor sommar 2012Molo Poppy Rose Vallmo baby klänning vår sommar 2012

From top left:
Rabbit Rose baby dress Was £17.95, now £18.99
Rabbit Rose baby shoes Was £15.95, now £11.95
Planet Earth Baby shoes, Was £15.95, now £11.95
Poppy Rose baby dress Was 25.50, now £18.99

Was £25.50, now £18.99

Molo Rabbit rose allinone sommar 2012Molo baby Poppy Rose allionne spring summer 2012

From left:
Rabbit Rose allinone Was £27.50, now £19.99
Poppy rose allinone Was £27.50, now £19.99

*click on photo to view item in store.

Tea Collection Summer Kuta Beach collection

Sea, sand and sun, summer is just around the corner!

Tea has released their Bali inspired summer collection, Kuta Beach and it is stunning!

With our offer of free shipping to UK and Europe you can easily update your little ones summer wardrobe.
(and if you live in US or another country outside Europe, you get free shipping on all orders over £75!)

Featured from left:
Flowy Dip Dye dress, Tea Collection, £23.95

available in size 6-12 months up to 7 years
These prices are guaranteed for all orders placed before midnight on Friday May 4.

Check out of complete Tea Summer collection here.

*click on photo to view item in store.

25% off Katvig SS 2012 tees and tops

We have gorgeous tees and tops by Katvig available for you with 25% off!
Made from organic cotton, this really is the best thing you can dress your little one in, this summer.

Pretty Magenta mini apple print, available as long sleeved top and
short sleeved tee.

We have 25% off our whole Katvig collection:

Katvig Persika och bärrosa randig tshirt sommar 2012Katvig Hallonrosa och lila randig tshirt sommar 2012
Katvig Magenta mini äpple tshirt sommar 2012Katvig gul och rosa äpple tshirt vår sommar 2012

From top left:
Peach and Berry striped tee Was £17.95, now £13.50
Raspberry and Violet striped tee Was £17.95, now £13.50
Magenta mini apple tee, Was £17.95, now £13.50
Yellow and Pink Big apple tee Was 17.95, now £13.50

Was £20.50, now £15.50

Katvig Magenta mini äpple långärmad top sommar 2012Katvig gul och rosa äpple tshirt vår sommar 2012

From left:
Magenta mini apple top Was £23.50, now £17.95
Yellow and Pink Big apple top Was £23.50, now £17.95

*click on photo to view item in store.

Monday, 7 May 2012

25% off Me Too Spring / Summer 2012!

We love the retro Phoebe dress by Me Too SS2012

Me Too Summer dresses 2012 Me too sale
available in size 3y up to 10y
£32.50 - now only £24.50

Me Too SS 2012 Rosella BAM skirt
available in size 3y up to 10y
£27 - now only £19.99

Me Too SS 2012 Rosella BAM skirt
Rosella skirt by Me Too SS2012 BAM collection
available in size 3y up to 10y
£27 - now only £19.99

To view our full Me Too collection, click here

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Tea Collection Spring dresses sale 2012 - up to 40% off!

Have you tried one of our most popular brands, Tea Collection?

We are very happy to be able to host a great Tea Collection sale this week!
With 25-40% off selected Spring items from the Arts and Crafts Ubud collection as well as the Bali Safari collection chances are you will find some great treasures for the coming summer months! How about these pretty dresses?

Was £24.95, now £17.95
worn with Striped Capri leggings, Tea Collection
Was £15.95, now £11.50

Was £21.95, now £14.95
available in size 6-12 months up to 10 years

Tea Collection Spring 2012 sale Magnolia Batik dressTea Collection Spring sale Artisan Lotus dress 2012
Tea Collection Lotus Batik knot dress Spring sale summer 2012Tea Collection Lake horizon stripe dress sale Spring Summer Vår 2012

From top left:
Magnolia Batik dress Was £24.95, now £16.95
Artisan Lotus dress Was £24.95, now £17.95
Lotus Batik knot dress, Was £21.95, now £14.95
Lake Horizon stripe dress Was 21.95, now £14.95

These prices are guaranteed for all orders placed before midnight on Friday May 4.

*click on photo to view item in store.